She chased her dreams…

… into someone else’s nightmare.

Her hometown and everything in it reminds Jessica Burns of her dead husband. Trapped in grief, all she wants is to escape the memories. She leaves behind family and friends, and moves halfway around the world to buy a rundown Irish castle.

But the ancient fortress harbors memories of its own.

While restoring Dynmore Manor, Jess uncovers Viking runes that reveal an angry secret—one born of love and vengeance. Only the power of the Runemaster can right the wrong that was done, but how can Jess enlist the help of a Druid who died a thousand years ago?

And she isn’t alone in her search for the Runemaster. Another desires the Power, and will kill to get it.

Jess must find the Runemaster before her new life, and everyone in it, is destroyed.

Beg, borrow, or buy, but read it today!

Get your copy here!

The Runemaster_ebook

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