Fresh Starts

What constitutes a fresh start?

Many of us automatically think of it as a positive thing, a wiping away of all the negative things that came before, but I’d bet there are as many definitions of fresh start as there are people to define it.

If you’d like thirty different interpretations of Fresh Start, then this new anthology is a good place to… start. Ha! See what I did there?

After the fires are out, the smoke has cleared, the divorce is over, the widow has stopped wearing black, the sun has risen, the monsters are dead, the world is saved (or destroyed!), the storm has calmed, and the trouble is over…

…what do you do next?

Find out in the first anthology of work by the Pikes Peak Writers. From mystery to romance and science fiction—from heartfelt essays to poetry that moves the soul.
We can’t promise only happy endings. Just that moment when you pick yourself up out of the wreckage and find the strength to begin anew.

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